3-axis tool pre-setting machine (CNC controlled) Zoller Smile SMP4/4, 2008


Made by: Zoller

Model: Smile SMP4/4

Year: 2008

Category: Measuring and presetting

Article no.: M01553




Suitable for manual and automatic measuring of cutting tools of all kinds as well as grinding wheel packages. The Zoller imaging system “Saturn Set” including camera system allows for rapid operator independent mesauring of all tool edges.



Z-axis travel                                     400 mm

X axis travel                                     200 mm

Workpiece diameter                         Max. 400 mm

Workpiece length                             max. 400 mm

Workpiece holder                             SK 50

Tool weight                                      Max. 10 kg

Repeatability                                    +/- 0.002 mm

Display accuracy                              0,001 mm

Concentricity                                    0,005 mm

Connected load                                230 V / 50 Hz

Compressed air connection              approx. 6 bar

Dimensions W x D x H                    1300 x 625 x 1600 mm

Weight approx.                                200 kg

colour                                               silver gray / anthracite.



Cutting edge inspection

Touch screen 12.1 TFT color display with “quick-touch”

Image processing software “Saturn-set”

automatic zero point monitoring

SK 50 high-precision spindle

Adapter SK 50 / HSK A63-F80

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