Balancing machine MPM 3.BMT200.S40 / 3.BMT200.S100

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Made by: MPM

Model: 3.BMT200.S40 / 3.BMT200.S100

Year: 2019

Category: Balancing machines, vertical


  • Highest balancing accuracy at the best price
  • Easy operation for everybody
  • Smallest (<0.1 gram) unbalance detectable
  • Small but excellent machine!



Balancing Machine to balance tool holders on 1 and 2 planes. For any tool or work piece.


  • Highest precision
  • Easy operation
  • For 1-+2-plane balancing
  • Balancing methods:
  • Gram, degree, spread angle, fixed position,
  • drilling radial + axial, milling
  • Display: gmm, gram, quality grade
  • Workpiece weight up to approx.:
  • 10kg for TS40 / 20kg for TS100
  • Workpiece-Ø up to approx. 270mm
  • Workpiece length uo to approx. 400mm
  • Immediately usable
  • Weight only approx. 45kg
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