Coolant cleaning system ARO EDGE 3, 2013


Made by: ARO

Model: edge 3

Year: 2013

Category: Coolant cleaning system

Article no.: M01630



Suitable for cleaning cooling oil with mixed materials HSS / hard metal.



Total capacity: 1200 l

Tank: double-walled with leakage monitoring

Flow rate: max. 80 l / min.

Filter fineness: more than 0.004 mm

Nominal power: approx. 25 kVA (400 V / 50 Hz)

Color: light gray

Dimensions L x W x H: 2850 x 1900 x 2050 mm



3 filter towers

2 collecting tanks for sludge treatment

Plate heat exchanger unit

automatic backwash

3 pieces of machine supply pumps

2 return pumps

1 piece of electrostatic air cleaner type RON / A60 SV volume flow 550 m³ / h

Pneumatic cabinet including valve and distribution blocks, pressure regulator, pressure accumulator,

Filters / water separators, pressure gauges, screw connections, drain cock etc.

Control cabinet including control with large “touch screen” color display

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