Coolant Cleaning System Rüma MZ 90 B150/450, 2014


Made by: Rüma

Model: MZ 90 B150/450

Year: 2014

Category: Coolant Cleaning Systems

Article no.: M01606



Suitable for cleaning cooling emulsions and cooling oils using an integrated centrifuge unit. The coolant is kept at a constant temperature during the entire production process by the integrated cooling unit.



Capacity pure liquid                         approx. 450 L

Drum speed                                      3720 rpm.,

Rotor diameter                                 310 mm

flow                                                  10 – 90 l / min.,

Medium temp.                                  10 – 50 ° C

Solid amount max.                           6 kg

Connected load approx.                   2.2 kW (400 V / 50 Hz)

Weight approx.                                600 kg

Dimensions W x D x H                    1900 x 1100 x 2300 mm

colour                                               Gray



Magnetic separator,

Cooling unit.

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