Cylindrical grinding machine Cetos XPERT G 25 M, 2001



Made by: Cetos

Model: XPERT G 25 M

Year:  2001

Category: Cylindrical grinders

Article no.: M01598



Suitable for cylindrical grinding of all kinds of workpieces, both in HSS and carbide, especially with flying mounts for grinding steps, bevels and contours on milling and drilling tools both in the plunge and longitudinal grinding method. The complete machine is designed for cooling with grinding oil. Control Siemens SINUMERIK FM – NC / OP 17.



Distance between centers max.         750 mm

Swing diameter max. 250 mm

Swivel range of grinding head          + 45 ° to – 15 °

Workpiece spindle mount      ISO 50

Workpiece headstock – speed infinitely variable from         0-800 rpm.

Swivel range of workpiece headstock           90 °

Swivel range of the table from          + 9 ° to – 5 °

Grinding wheel dimensions DIA max.         400 x 63 x 127 mm

Grinding wheel dimensions CBN max.        300 x 63 x 127 mm

Grinding wheel peripheral speed continuously from           16 – 45 m / min.

Table speed    0.005 – 5 m / min.

Maximum tool weight with on-the-fly clamping      50 kg

Tool weight clamped in the tailstock center 250 kg

Connected load approx.         18 kVA (400 V / 50 Hz)

Required space W x D x H    2535 x 2450 x 1700 mm

colour gray RAL 7035



Siemens FM-NC with OP 17,

Total enclosure,

Coolant system,

Internal grinding device,

Stepless variable speed control of workpiece and wheelhead,

1 setting stick,

3 steady rests,

Machine light,

1 single-point dia dresser,

2 grinding wheel holders.

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