Cylindrical grinding machine Rollomatic Shape Smart NP 4, 2007


Made by: Rollomatic

Model: Shape Smart NP 4

Year:  2007

Category: Cylindrical grinders

Article no.: M01551



Suitable for cylindrical grinding of workpieces of all kinds in HSS and carbide.



Workpiece diameter for manual loading and unloading      1 – 20 mm

overall length  30 – 350 mm

Z-axis travel   100 mm

Traverse X-axis          30 mm

Y-axis travel   350 mm

V-axis travel   22 mm

Grinding wheel diameter       250 mm

Roughing motor         8.5 kW

Finishing motor          1.4 kW

directly driven grinding spindle with integrated cooling      Ø 100 mm

Workhead motor        0,70 kW

number of revolutions            300 – 3000 rpm.,

Dimensions L x W x H          approx. 1800 x 2010 x 1930 mm

Weight approx.          1800 kg

Connected load          15 kW (400 V / 50Hz)

colour blue RAL 5002 / white RAL 9010.



Full fairing,

Loading and unloading robots

Program P4 Smart for Windows

2 grinding wheel holders

2 loader pallets

1 pressure roller

1 V block 5 – 100 mm

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