Diamond/CBN wheel truing and dressing machine FARMAN FC-250EX, 2019

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Made by: Farman

Model: FC-250 EX

Year: 2019

Category: Other equipment

Article no.: FC250EX


Machine designed for truing and dressing flats, side, angles, radii and special
shapes on diamond and CBN wheels. Especially suitable for single or multiple
wheel packs.
FC-250EX is a semi-automatic grinding wheel finisher, drawn with the machine’s special CCD application Auto cad to DXF loading can be processed easily render the size and contour, double R angle, round groove knife, sharp corners small R-shaped Jieke to be varied in accordance with the demand of processing.
Machine operation with PLC man-machine touch + hand wheel control, feed, rotation, swing can be set to automatically through grinding, but also to make some quick small amount of light through the hand wheel mode grinding, if closed or an air conditioning plant also matching full face sheet metal to prevent dust and cutting fluid exposed to the air.

• Rush Vision system includes high resolution B/W camera with zoom lens preset magnification (15x, 30x, 60x), automatic power zooming control system, video overlay (CAD general drawing overlaid on live video image), onboard PC with Windows operation system and 22” display monitor, Rush Vision software program
• On board PC with Windows operating system and 17” display monitor
• Optical linear scale with digital display counter (0,001 mm) X, Y Axes
• 2 pcs. machine lights 12 V
• Coolant system (30 liters tank)
• Manual type oil injection device
• Auto-infeed and auto swiveling are equipped with servo-motor, control panel with touch screen, preset the infeed and infeed speed and angle, as well as match of both programs, the grinding wheel can do autom. infeed after program preset well
• Automatically home position when finishing
• Diamond Grinding Wheel Spindle HSK50A (up to customer)
• Diamond Grinding Wheel X axis 170 mm
• Diamond Grinding Wheel Y axis 135 mm
• Oscillation axis (S axis) 0 ~ 100 mm
• Infeed Axis (Z axis) 70 mm (servo motor)

Moving Accuracy 1μ = 0.001mm
Rotation Angle Stroke -90° ~ +90°
(Equipped with High Performance Swiveling Angle Reader) 1μ
Grinding Wheel
Grinding Wheel (GW) Diameter Ø50mm ~ Ø250mm (Max)
Max wheel width: 70 mm
Wheel hole diameter: 20 mm (or on customer’s request)
Wheel radius: 0 to 60 mm
Wheel cross stroke: 160 mm
Wheel longitudinal stroke: 120 mm
Wheel motor power output: 1,5 KW
Dressing Wheel(sic) Dimension Ø175 × 12T × 31.75H mm
SIC Wheel Spindle (Green) 0.75 KW

Grinding Speed
GW’s Rotation Speed 100 ~ 1000 rpm
SIC Wheel Rotation Speed 200 ~ 2000 rpm
Dressing wheel Oscillating Speed: 3400 mm/1 min (infinitely variable)
Dressing Wheel Oscillating Stroke: 0-50 strokes/minute (infinitely variable)
Dressing Wheel Swivelling speed: 360° / 1 min (infinitely variable)
Camera System
RushVision Camera System 15x ~ 60x
PLC control HMI interface

Weight: 1.520 kg
Dimensions: 134 x 130 x 190 cm






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