Disc erosion machine for diamond tipped metalworking tools (CNC-controlled) Vollmer QM 110, 2001



Made by: Vollmer

Model: QM 110

Year: 2001

Category: Erosion machines

Article no.: M01556



Suitable to automatically sharpen diamond tipped milling cutters, cylindrical tools, discoid tools and optional profile tools by electro-discharge process.



Cutter outside diameter                    max. 250 mm

Shank tool diameter                         from 10 – 100 mm

Disc-shaped tools outside diameter Max. 380 mm

Cutting length                                  Max. 20 mm

Tangential clearance angle              max. 6 °

Radial clearance angle                     -15 ° to + 6 °

Clearance angle                                max. 30 °

Chamfering                                      automatically max. 70 °

Traverse X-axis                                280 mm

Y-axis travel                                     280 mm

Z-axis travel                                     330 mm

Workpiece support cone                  SK 50

A-axis rotation range                       360 °

B-axis swivel range                          +/- 30 °

Tool weight max                              20 kg

Rotary electrode diameter                Max. 150 mm

Rotation electrode speed                  80-1500 rpm.

Dimensions L x W x H                    = 1905 x 2520 x 2430 mm

mass                                                 about 3000 kg

Connected load                                3.4 kW (400 V / 50 Hz)

colour                                               gray RAL 9002



Total enclosure,

Automatic fire extinguishing system,


alphanumeric slide-in keyboard for data entry,

Software package for compact and radius hoggers, profile hoggers in rail travel and grooving processes,

Software for jointing cutters, routers, saws, flattening tools, etc.,

Vollmer CAD / CAM system for profile tools,

Hardware & software package DNC Service,

automatic central lubrication,

Workpiece carrier ISO 40,

Measuring mandrel SK 40,

1 eroding disc holder

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