HSS and segment circular saw blade machining Loroch KRD 710, 2001


Made by: Loroch

Model: KRD 710

Year: 2001

Category: HSS and segmental circular saw blade processing

Article no.: S0044



Suitable for automatic grinding or re-serration and chamfering of HSS and segment saw blades as well as solid carbide saws

with ceramic grinding wheels and in deep grinding with CBN or diamond grinding wheels.



Saw diameter       40-710mm

Tooth pitch  1 – 55mm

Number of teeth    2 – 998

Saw blade thickness       max. 8 mm

Grinding wheel diameter 200x32mm

Connected load     7kW (400V / 50Hz)

mass  approx. 1025 kg

Dimensions L x W x H = 1198 x 1750 x 2015 mm

colour         powder blue/grey



full fairing,

Coolant system 240 L with tank,

automatic central lubrication,

machine light,

Motorized adjustment of the saw blade carrier,

Software for standard curved and pointed or angle teeth,

Software for chamfering arc numbers


fire extinguishing system,

1 saw blade holder,

1 grinding wheel mount.

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