Universal tool grinding machine Vollmer VGrind Argon, 2022


Manufacturer Vollmer
Model VGrind Argon
Year 2022
Condition Used
Stock Number Argon

Suitable for complete machining of rotationally symmetrical workpieces made of solid carbide. With 5 CNC controlled axes and two vertical grinding spindles on two processing levels.


X axis travel 425 mm
Y axis travel 490 mm
Z-axis travel 500 mm
A-axis travel path 360°
Travel C-axis +15° to -200°
Workpiece diameter up to 200 mm
Workpiece length from the front edge of the workpiece carrier up to 360mm
Tool outside diameter max.150 mm
tool bore diameter 20 mm
tool length up to 145mm
Speed infinitely variable up to 10,500 rpm
compressed air max. 6 bar
Connected load approx. 18 kW (400 V/ 50 Hz)
Dimensions W x D x H approx. 2539 x 2151 x 2135 mm
Weight approx. 4900 kg
colour RAL 7047 telegray 4 Color stand RAL 7045 telegray 1


IOT gateway for outputting machine data, industrial PC with Linux OS

4-fold grinding wheel changer

V-1051330 Fire extinguishing system with deflagration flap,

1055349 A-axis speed up to 1000 rpm.

1067351 Coolant return pump with 150 l/min delivery rate, 50 Hz, 1.5 bar pressure, with level monitoring

1067353 Coolant collecting tray for machine in three parts, including grate and monitoring of coolant level

1069403 Workpiece holding system on the A-axis with chuck (SCHUNK) for workpieces with Ø # 20 mm

1067348 2 universal workpiece pallets for 36 workpieces, shaft Ø from 3 mm to 20 mm, length to 135 mm

1069580 100 pieces of reducing sleeve with Ø from 3 mm to 18 mm as specified

1069134 Set of cover plates for workpiece positioning

1067325 Holder for 4 pieces of intermediate sleeves with bayonet lock, with outer diameter 20 mm

1068651 Gripper for intermediate sleeves

V-1047194 NUMROTOplus software package version NUMROTO (under clarification)

V-1042735 Software for machining simple milling cutters

V-1042736 Software extension for complex milling cutters

V-1042740 Software extension for Multispiral. For cylindrical cutters with up to 12 separate spiral angles

V-1042742 Software for processing simple drills/step drills

V-1042743 Software extension for complex drills/step drills

V-1042753 Software for machining form milling cutters, shell shape: defined by a DXF file

V-1042762 Software for automatic measuring the workpiece using a probe for endmills drills and form cutter

V-1042763 Software for automatically measuring grinding wheels

V-1042767 Software for collision monitoring with 3D simulation

V-1042769 Software for tool simulation with animation of the grinding process (material removal). Calculation of a 3D model of the tool to be ground. Step-by-step simulation of material removal

V-1042766 Software for controlling workpiece automation

1042773 Additional hardlock for another programming station without CNC code output

1068559 6 intermediate bushings with bayonet locking GZB-S 20, workpiece Ø 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 mm of your choice (Schunk ) for hydraulic expansion chuck 20 mm20 mm

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