Universal tool grinding machine Walter Helitronic Mini Power,1997


Manufacturer Walter
Model Helitronic Mini Power
Year 1997
Condition Used
Stock Number Mini_Pwr1997

Suitable for regrinding and making new wood and metalworking tools of all kinds.


X – axis longitudinal movement 350 mm
Y axis vertical movement 200 mm
Z-axis transverse movement 470 mm
C-axis rotary table swivel range + / – 200°
Workpiece holder ISO 50
Center height (with/without top table) 130 / 160mm
Max. Workpiece diameter 100 mm
max. workpiece length 270 mm
max. grinding wheel diameter 150 mm
Drive power grinding spindle 7 kW
Grinding spindle speed continuously variable 0 – 9500 rpm
Connected load 400V / 50Hz / 25kVA
weight approx. 2600 kg
mass approx. 2600 kg
Dimensions W x D x H = 1800 x 2550 x 2300 mm
colour grey RAL 7035 / 7043


Software package 1 (cylindrical tools with sharp edges, corner and full radius)
Software package 2 (conical-spiral tools with sharp edges, corner and full radius)
Software package 3 (drills and step drills)
Software package 4 (step tools)
Software package 6 (woodworking tools)
Software package 13 (reamers)
Software package 16 (warm-up program),
Software package 7/37 (profiles)
Software package 27 (free programming)
Heliflute & Cone chip space calculation program
pneumatic workpiece clamping,
automatic central lubrication,
automatic fire extinguishing device,
measuring probe

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