Wheel profiling and dressing machine Farman FC 250 W, 2020


Made by: Farman

Model: FC 250 W

Year: 2020

Category: Other equipment

Article no.: FC250



Machine designed for profiling and dressing flats, side, angular, radius and special shapes on diamond and CBN wheels. Especially suitable for single or multiple wheel packs.



Wheel spindle taper: HSK50A (or different), max diameter diamond wheel: 250 mm,
Min diameter diamond wheel: 50 mm, max wheel width: 70 mm, wheel hole diameter: 20 (or different), wheel speed: 100 – 1000 RPM (infinitely variable), Wheel motor power: 1,5 KW
wheel cross stroke 200 mm, wheel longitudinal stroke 140 mm, wheel radius: 0 – R30 mm,
dressing wheel (SiC) 180x25x31,75 (or different), dressing wheel speed 200 – 2000 RPM
dressing wheel Oscillating Speed 3400 mm/1 min (infinitely variable), dressing Wheel Oscillating stroke 0-70 mm, dressing Wheel Motor Power 0,75 KW, dressing Wheel Swivelling speed 360° / 1 min (infinitely variable), weight: 900 kg, size: 165 x 115 x 195 cm, 380V – 50 Hz required.



  • 2 Machine lights 12 V
  • Coolant system (30 liters tank with paper filter)
  • Optical linear scale with digital display counter (0,001 mm) X, Z Axes
  • 2/3” TV Camera with 15” LCD monitor (microscope with zoom 15-120X included)
  • High performance swivelling angle reader (0,05°)




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