Wire EDM VOLLMER QWD 76 P, 2001


Made by: VOLLMER

Model: QWD 76 P

Year: 2001

Category: Erosion machines

Article no.: S0043



Suitable for automatic processing of PCD-tipped milling cutters, shank tools, disc-shaped tools such as Saws, milling cutters, etc. using the wire electro-erosion process.



cutter outer diameter max                250 mm

cutting length max.                          200 mm

shank tool diameter                          10 – 250 mm

cutting length                                   200 mm

Outside diameter of disc-shaped tools max. 250 mm

tool weight max.                              20 kg

X-axis travel                                     220 mm

Y-axis travel                                     300 mm

W axis travel                                    200 mm

A-axis rotation range                       60 °

A-axis taper                                      ISO 50

E-axis swivel range                          120 °

number of revolutions                      80 – 2000 rpm.

Dimensions L x W x H                    2235x2630x2130mm

mass                                                 approx. 4500 kg

Connected load approx.                   400V / 50Hz / 4.5KW

Colour turquoise RAL 5021/grey RAL 9002           White RAL 9002 / red RAL 3002.



full fairing,

cooling unit for dielectric,


machine lamp,

automatic central lubrication,

automatic fire extinguishing device,

Workpiece carrier ISO 50,

Test mandrel SK 50.

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