About us

About us

What we offer:

We offer a wide range of sharpening machines and equipment, which are needed for the production and maintenance of cutting tools.

Along with our Know-How we use our commercial and technical Competence for optimal customer service as it`s essential to us.

Our main goal is to be a fair, solid and reliable partner for you.


Long-term cooperation with:

Why decide on AWM Precision GmbH ?

Here are the reasons why you should choose AWM Precision GmbH:

  • You are the centre of our attention. Regardless of whether you need technical support, or you want to purchase a machine or even sell a machine – please contact us. Our entire team enhanced by application engineers is always at your service.
  • 25 years experience of our main supplier SuS GmbH in tool grinding. We know the business and specialise in high quality, second hand sharpening machines.
  • International experience. We operate world-wide and deal with over 70 countries. This is why our knowledge grows constantly. One of many reasons to be your ideal partner on a long-term basis.
  • You will receive the best advice. We offer you a live demonstration of your “new” machine. You can view all functions in operation and we are confident that it will perform to your total satisfaction due to our extensive checking and control processes.
  • With our reconditioned and fully tested 2nd hand machines we offer you an outstanding price to benefit ratio. This will enable you to invest more comprehensively.
  • We can also support you in finding inexpensive financing solutions.
  • If you require, we will arrange transport, set up the machine in your premises and train your personnel/ in the operation of your “new” machine.
  • Experience, competence and service – all from a single source.
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