Refurbished machines and equipment from SuS GmbH

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO OPTIMIZE GRINDING. Tool grinding machines from Bavaria.

Clamping equipment and devices, grinding wheel mounts and accessories suitable for tool grinding machines

For questions regarding tools, accessories and machines

Together we find a solution and try to give feedback as fast as possible.

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Financing, Leasing, Rental-purchase

The purchase of used machines causes often high investments. Together with our partner we make a contribution to preserve the financial flexibility of our customers.

  • Leasing
  • Rental-purchase
  • Financing

Maintenance of tool grinding machines

We`ll be glad to check your machine on site and advise you by creating of the customer-specific cost estimate. We also take care of the commissioning in your area.

What does a complete maintenance include:

  • Disassembly of the machine
  • Cleaning
  • Replacement of guides and ballscrews
  • Repainting of the machinemachine and setting of the geometry
  • Installation of the
  • Recommissioning with control geometry and performance monitoring
  • Upgrade of software
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