Tool setting and measuring device Zoller venturion 450 (smartCheck), 2008


Manufacturer Zoller
Model venturion 450 (smartCheck)
Year 2008
Condition New
Stock Number Venturion_450_2008

Suitable for measuring and presetting all types of cutting tools as well as for measuring grinding wheel packages. The extensive and comprehensive software solution with intuitive graphical user guidance guides users quickly and safely to precise measurement results.


Z-axis travel 450 mm
X-axis travel 200 mm
X axis travel 200 mm
Workpiece diameter max. 250 mm
workpiece length max. 450 mm
Workpiece length max. 450 mm
Jaw gauge diameter 70mm
snap gauge diameter 70mm
pneumatic connection 6 bar
Workpiece holder SK 50
Connected load 230 V / 50 Hz
colour silver grey/anthracite


CNC control for the C, X and Z axes (for automatic movement of the axes and exact position determination),
Tool inspection (incident image processing with centered LED lighting)
V445530+1 High-precision spindle “ace” concentricity 0.002 mm
Transmitted light camera HR 50
V445501+1 Autofocus/»venturion 450«
V445600 Rotation encoder ROD/»venturion 450«
V429515 Accessory kit for drive and ROD
V445410+2 Tool inspection V450 Premium
V445802 ZOLLER measuring device control »pilot 4.0«
Z8701000 Standard functions »pilot 4.0«

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