Wire erosion machine VOLLMER QWD 760 H, 2015


Manufacturer VOLLMER
Model QWD 760 H
Year 2015
Condition Used
Stock Number QWD 760 H

Suitable for the automatic machining of PCD-tipped milling cutters, shank tools, disc-shaped tools such as saws, milling cutters etc. using the wire-electro-erosion process.


Cutter outside diameter Max. 250 mm
Cutting length Max. 260 mm
Shank tool diameter 10-250 mm
Tool weight Max. 20 kg
traverse X-axis 275 mm
Y-axis travel 300 mm
W-axis travel 200 mm
Rotation range A-axis 360 °
tool holder ISO 50
E-axis swivel range 120 °
Dimensions machine W x D x H = 2535 x 2200 x 2280 mm
mass about 4500 kg
Connected load 4.5 kW (400 V / 50Hz)
colour telegrey RAL 7045/7047


Integrated loading device and tool magazine for the automatic processing of up to 12 HSK 63 tools including gripper fingers for workpiece automation SK40 / HSK63
Adaptation to the A axis on HSK63-A, E including test mandrel
Expert programming software (ExProg)
Wire guide elements (beaks) “wood”
Hardware and software for DNC operation
Grinding mist extraction N 181
Cooling unit for dielectric
automatic fire extinguishing system
Machine light
automatic central lubrication

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