cleaning equipment Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG IL 2220, 2011


Manufacturer Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG
Model IL 2220
Year 2011
Condition Used
Stock Number M02030

Rinsing tank device for industrial cleaning of all types of tools. Excellent for cleaning
stainless steel mesh filter cassettes and inserts (machine mesh pre-filters) of electrostatic and mechanical
air filters.


Total capacity 1200 l
Ultrasound on the front and back 1200 W/25 kHz each
Connected load 400 V / 50 Hz
tank double-walled with leakage monitoring
Flow rate max. 150 l / min.,
Filter fineness greater than 0.004 mm
Nominal power approx. 25 kVA (400 V / 50 Hz)
Dimensions L x W x H 810 x 760 x 850 mm
colour Gray
Internal dimensions of the cleaning tray 550 x 500 x 600 mm


Integrated heating
Ultrasonic generator
Ultrasonic oscillation system
Ultrasonic cleaning tank capacity 165 l
Tank lid made of stainless steel

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