Machining center Fanuc Robodrill a-D14LiB5, 2016


Manufacturer Fanuc
Model Robodrill a-D14LiB5
Year 2016
Condition Used
Stock Number Robodrill

4-axis CNC-controlled manufacturing centre, suitable for the complete processing of all types of workpieces.


X axis movement 700 mm
Y axis movement 400 mm
Z axis movement 330 mm
Distance from the table surface to the spindle measuring plane 150mm to 480mm
Table ready to work 650 x 400 mm
max. workpiece weight 300 kg
table construction 3 x T-slots 14mm
pitch 125 mm
spindle speed 100 – 10000 rpm
Infeed 1 – 30,000mm/min
turret Grinding wheel changing system
turret capacity 14 grinding wheels
Max tool diameter 80 mm
Max tool length 250 mm
Max tool weight 2 kg
spindle power 11 kW
Connected load approx. 13kVA (3 x 220V / 50/60Hz)
Dimensions W x D x H approx. 2115 x 2040 x 2382 mm
Weight approx 2100 kg
colour Yellow grey


Electrostatic vapor separator 1000 m³/h,

Rüma coolant cleaning system 700 l with transfer tank 120 l,

3D probe,

automatic central lubrication,

automatic fire extinguishing system,

led machine lamp,

2 MB memory expansion,

Collet holder DTT on Lang 96,

Long Quick-Point Round Plate 96,

160 jaw chuck Röhm for 96 long,

Long-nose pliers D12,

5-axis centric clamping device long, clamping range 0 – 120 mm,

High precision oscillation function,

Special clamping device fixed steady rest (mounted on the machine table),

1 long grinding wheel adapter,

Mounting block SK30,

Acoustic sensor.

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