Erosion machine VOLLMER QXD 250, 2019


Manufacturer Vollmer
Model QXD 250
Year 2019
Condition Used
Stock Number QXD250_2019

Disk erosion machine for complete machining of rotationally symmetrical workpieces with cutting edges made of ultra-hard cutting materials. The workpieces are picked up on the fly (vertically hanging).


Workpiece outside diameter max 320 mm
Workpiece length Max. 250 mm
Tool outside diameter Max. 200 mm
Bore diameter Max. 60 mm
Travel X1 520 mm
Travel Y1 970 mm
Travel Z1 420 mm
Rotation range axis A1 360 °
Rotation range axis B1 +/- 20 °
Rotation range axis E1 210 °
Grinding spindle speed stepless 0 – 4500 rpm (torque 6Nm)
Connected load approx. 8.7 kVA / 6.8 kW
Weight approx. 7200 kg
Dimensions L x W x H = 3676 x 2851 x 2600 mm
colour RAL 7047 telegrey 4 / RAL 7045 telegrey 1


Accessories (with reservation – subject to confirmation):

Mechanical mist extractor N280,

Wheel changer for up to 6 eroding/grinding wheels,

Gripper fingers for disc changers

Adaptation to the A-axis HSK 63-A-E,

Test mandrel HSK63A,

Glass scales on the linear axes X, Y & Z,

Software package additional functions for metal working tools,

Polishing of PCD edges consisting of automatic dressing equipment with probe,

Ex Level Pro Software,

Ares CAD/CAM software,

4 grinding wheel exchange elements

Automatic shutter flap

Automatic central lubrication,

Automatic fire extinguishing system,

Coolant system with pump.

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