Balancing machine Haimer TD 1002, 2023


Manufacturer Haimer
Model TD 1002
Year 2023
Condition Used
Stock Number M01985

Balancing machine for balancing tool holders in 1 level.


max. tool length 360 mm
Max. Workpiece diameter 340 mm
max. tool weight 15 kg
measurement accuracy < 0.5mm
Measurement accuracy < 1 gmm
compressed air 6 bar
Power consumption 0,4 kW
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions W x D x H = 500 x 680 x 820 mm
mass 200 kg
colour black-and-white


80.213.01 Software for balancing by drilling (axial)
80.245.10 Software for calculating alternative compensation positions (TDC 4.0)
80.207.10 Tool scale up to 30kg (for balancing machine)
80.230.00 Calibrator for calibrating the balancing machine TD 1002/2002/2009
80.201.E50.00 Adapter for HSK E50 with clamping system (May only be used in original Haimer Tool Dynamic!)

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