5 – axis CNC – controlled tool grinding machine WALTER HELITRONIC VISION, 2007


Manufacturer Walter
Model Helitronic Vision
Year 2007
Condition Used
Stock Number M01910

Suitable for regrinding and making new wood and metal working tools of all kinds.


Longitudinal movement (X-axis) 480 mm
Y axis vertical movement 320 mm
Z-axis transverse movement 700 mm
Rotary table swivel range C-axis +/- 200 °
Workpiece carrier holder ISO 50
Max. Workpiece diameter 320 mm
Workpiece length Circumferential grinding 370 mm
Workpiece length for face machining 320 mm
accuracy linear resolution 0.0001 mm
radial resolution 0.0001 °
Diameter of the spindle 100 mm
Diameter of the grinding wheel 200 mm
Grinding spindle speed 0 – 12,000 rpm.


Automatic grinding wheel changer with 12 changing positions in the wheel magazine

A-axis for cylindrical grinding, speed range 0 – 750 rpm

Software package 1 (cylindrical tools, sharp-edged, corner and full radius)

Software package 2 (conical-spiral tools, sharp-edged, corner and full radius)

Software package 3 (drill and step drill)

Software package 4 (step tools)

Software package 5 (side milling cutter)

Software package 7 (profile tools)

Softwrepaket 8 (taps)

Software package 16 (warm-up program)

Software package 17 (cylindrical grinding)

Software package 27 (flexible programming)

Software package Heli-Flute + Cone (chip space calculation program)

Helitronic Tool Studio Version Standard & Advanced License

Software Tool Studio Version Step Tools

Software Toolstudio Version profile lights

Software tool studio option drill

Glass scales on all linear axes X, Y, Z

Probe for exact positioning of the workpiece

Direct drives in all axes with integrated cooling

electrostatic cooling mist and vapor separator

Transor system 12290-800 A # 12328, year of construction 2010

automatic fire extinguishing system

2 grinding wheel holders

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