Anca MX7 Linear



The MX Linear range is specifically designed to meet the needs of tool production facilities seeking maximum output while remaining flexible to customer requirements. The machines include new technology linear motors that enable them to achieve even higher levels of accuracy and performance.
Small machine footprint with a large working envelope. It has minimal axis movements during grinding which reduces cycle times.

RoboMate for high volume tool production or FastLoad-MX for low-volume.

2-station wheel changer included as standard for MX5 and a 6-station for MX7. Loads wheel packs and coolant manifolds for maximum productivity.



Machine Structure:         Bi-Symmetrical Gantry

Spindle Power:     38 kW (51 HP) peak

20 kW (27 HP) S1

Wheel Packs:        2 x Ø 203 mm (8”) max or 6 Ø x 152 mm (6”) max

Tool (shank) Diameter:  Productive up to Ø 25 mm (1”)

Tool Length (Max) – flute length may vary depending on tooling (if applicable): 300 mm (12”)

Loader Type:        FastLoad-MX (option) RoboMate (option)

Max. Tool Capacity (with loader):     FastLoad-MX:

245 x Ø 3 mm

156 x Ø 6 mm

42 x Ø 16 mm


2520 x Ø 3mm

1560 x Ø 6 mm

462 x Ø 16 mm

189 x Ø 25 mm

Drive System:      Linear Motor

Dimensions:         2246 mm (88”) W

1856 mm (73”) D

2116 mm (83”) H

*with RoboMate

2245 mm (84”) W*

2279 mm (90”) D*

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