Drill Grinding machine Farman FC-50N

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Made by: Farman

Model: FC-50N

Year: 2019



Suitable for manual dry grinding and web thinning of various types of spiral drills.



Drill size diameter 2,5 – 51 mm, point angle 40 – 180°, clearance angle 0 – 18°, connected load 0,37 kW (400 Volt, 50 Hz), weight 300 kg, dimensions w x d x h approx. 750 x 925 x 1300 mm, colour grey / green.



6 Jaw self-centering chuck x 1

A.C motor x 1

Quartz work lamp (12V 55W) x 1

Water recycling tank x 1

No.1,2,3,4 Morse taper sleeve x 4

Cam No.4,6,8 for right hand drill x 3

One grinding wheel (recessed one side) x 1

One dish grinding wheel for point grinding x 1

Grinding wheel flange & balancing weights x 1

Two grinding wheel diamond dressers (one angle & one straight) x 2


Optional Accessories:

Automatic rotation device for powered workhead (equipped with mini AC motor)

Auto infeed device for grinding wheel (equipped with mini AC motor)                          Accessories for endmill tools

With a set of R8 taper sleeve (Cup Wheel with single flange)

Grinding wheels (GW)

Diamond GW 15T

Diamond Cup


Grinding wheel

Disc Grinding wheel

5 Flange

Single flange

Double flanges

6 Cam

Cam No.22 for right hand drill

Cam No.24 for right hand drill

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